Services offered

Visits to the attractively arranged permanent museum display and thematic lectures on different historical periods and cultural events. Guidebooks in six languages: English, Russian, Greek, French, German and Bulgarian are available.
The museum premises and the collections stored there allow for the mobility of display related to events and anniversaries, the traditional calendar celebrations. Displays can be offered according to the preferences of visitors.

We offer::

  • Temporary thematic displays;
  • Discussions and conferences on cultural issues;
  • Educational programmes;
  • Presentations and meetings;
  • Presentations of books;
  • Guide services for specialized cultural routes in the town and its vicinity;
  • Use of the rich scientific archive and specialized library;
  • Expert assistance in various areas of history, local studies, museum collections and displays;
  • Physical and legal entities' collection registration and issue of certificates for objects of cultural value;
  • Rent of museum halls and facilities for meetings and cultural events.

The permanent display and the temporary display areas are equipped with a platform allowing accessibility for people with disabilities. The museum is the first in the country that offers a Brailles guidebook for the permanent display.