Our projects:

  1. Organization, creation and presentation of photo documentary exhibition “The Christian Heritage in the Rhodopes – Churches and Monasteries” in Smolyan and Thessaloniki, Phare Programme CBC Bulgaria-Greece Project: BG 01.06.07-014
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  2. Publication of catalogue “Museum Treasures from Smolyan Region”, under a project within “Public Forum “The Rhodopes – the Voice of Time” (The cultural and historical heritage – a factor for the sustainable development of Smolyan – Zlatograd Region)  . »see more

  3. Accessible Museum – equal opportunities for people with disabilities.
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Projects in which we were partners:

The Regional Museum of History Stoyu Shishkov, Smolyan was a partner in projects of the municipalities of Smolyan, Chepelare and Rudozem under the Phare CBC Bulgaria-Greece Programme launched in 2007 “Promotion of the Cultural, Tourist and Human Resources in Cross Border Regions ” with a priority the socialization of archaeological sites dating back to 14th century and turning them into tourist destinations.
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Projects in which we were a supporting organization:

In 2006-2007, the Regional Museum of History Stoyu Shishkov, Smolyan was a supporting organization in the project for blind and visually impaired people of Ostellato Municipality (Italy) “To Touch or Not to Touch”. The project objective was to provide opportunities to visually impaired people to get acquainted with the cultural diversity of the region. Within the project activities, the museum organized workshops for visually impaired people on the topic “Textiles and Weaving Techniques”. A film “To Touch the Mountain”  and a “Guide of the Regional Museum of History Stoyu Shishkov", Smolyan in Brailles were made. The latter was the innovative contribution of the museum to disadvantaged people which helped them learn more about the cultural heritage of the region. »see more