In 1983 the museum was housed into the building specially designed for the purpose in the newly-built centre of  Smolyan. It is a part of the Cultural Complex that includes the cultural institutions that have become the emblems of the town: the museum, the library, and the art gallery. They are located on a hill overlooking the pedestrian zone of the amphitheatre and the water cascade with the topographic dominance of the magnificent Rhodopes nature.
The designer team of the Cultural Complex was headed by architect Antoaneta Brambarova, one of the authors of the overall town planning of  Smolyan's centre which was made by the team of architect Stoycho Velkovski from “Glavproekt” Architecture Research Institute.
The total area of the museum building is 3410 square metres, of which 1300 sq m are the exhibition halls, 420sq m – lounges and temporary exhibition space, 500 sq m – for storing collections, 150 sq m – studios, and restoration, conservation and photography laboratories.

The permanent exhibit display and the temporary exhibitions have a special platform providing access for disabled people.
The museum is the first in the country to offer a Braille guide for its permanent exhibition.